Fair Trade Music is a grassroots campaign of Portland musicians, for all musicians.

It's really simple. We ask musicians:

What do you celebrate about performing in clubs/venues here?
What could use improvement?
How can we work together to effect that change?
Recognizing and promoting venues that treat musicians properly is important: here's a list of venues across the US that have signed on. Musicians don't thrive unless venues thrive; this is a cooperative, constructive movement.

If you're involved with the Portland music scene, we want to hear from you. Tell us here, or in person at one of our open, Town Hall meetings. Contact us for more info on the next meeting.

Fair Trade Music is an organization supported by the Musicians' Union Local 99 and the AFM, but it's for all musicians -- union membership is not required.

Please forgive the 1995 webpage; it's a placeholder while we work out some kinks!