Fair Trade Music Spring Update

Spring is in the air, and Fair Trade Music is budding with optimistic news.

First, City Repair has once again decided to partner with Fair Trade Music and participate with this year's Earth Day celebration.

This year's theme is incorporation, as in community bridge-building, and sustainability as the culmination of total incorporation of communities – parties coming together to succeed.

We’re thrilled to build this new bridge with City Repair, who also signed on previously with last year's Village Building Convergence event. Sustainability, of course, applies equally well to the arts world: artists in poverty practically define unsustainable lifestyles.

Congratulations to the Fair Trade Music negotiation team, and to the Portland City Repair Project!

The event will take place on Saturday, April 23rd at the Washington High School Field on the corner of SE 12th and Stark. Stay tuned for the lineup and more info on the event.

Fair Trade Music also teamed up with Peterson Entertainment to produce a new set of educational videos about the contradictory business landscape freelance club musicians navigate. You can see them on the "Videos" section on our website. Huge thanks to members of Western Aerial and z’Bumba, and especially to Noah at Peterson Entertainment for all their work on these videos.

More videos are planned, and they’re a great way to be involved with the campaign. Contact us and let us know if you or your band would like to be involved

Never forget: Your time, efforts, and services as a musician have value – Music IS a Day Job!

Please urge your friends, bandmates, and other musicians to endorse and support Fair Trade Music.

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