Endorser tips

Thanks once for becoming a Fair Trade Music endorser, that's big!  
You've joined the hallowed ranks of musician-activists around the world.   
Thanks a second time for clicking this link to find out how you can make it HUGE.
This is the point where most people think: 
"So, I clicked in the little squares. I'm done, right? 
Good luck! Thanks for changing the world for me! You're awesome!"
None of us can do this alone.  

This is merely the beginning of what may be a long struggle. 
The more of us get more involved, the faster change will come.
We encourage you to: 
Stay in touch
Consider making deeper conributions, talk to us about how 
Attend an activist orientation
Take on "Missions
First, if you haven't already,take a few minutes to read our web site;
it may just help make you a better advocate. 
You don't have to read it all at once!
Highlights include the FAQThe Four Things, and Info for Venues
Endorsing is a great first step, and mostly concerns spreading the good word.
Here are some tips, based on the form itself.  
1. "I Can...

Tell fellow musicians and fans about the campaign and encourage them to get involved" 
Lip service is fine and good, but a little extra intention and methodology go a long way. 

Start by making a list of your musician friends. 
- Send out an email linking them to our website.  
Encourage them to endorse at the very least, 
and to contact us as to how they can contribute more substantially. 
- Follow up with a phone call if you haven't heard in a few days. 
People are busy these days, it may take few followups!

If you're following up via email, you might as well send them some good stuff:
An entertaining photo or informative article from our facebook page maybe?
One of our newsletters? One of our blog entries?  the glossary? etc.
Sending something every month or so is a great idea. 
"Write a short message to my fan base and tell them I support the campaign,
including a link to www.fairtrademusicpdx.org"
When you do, please CC: us. We love that. 
 You can also Include a link to our website in your email signature.  
"Share the Fair Trade Music logo/link on...

...my music project's web pages and/or social media
...my own social networks
...emails to fans
Great! Please be sure to CC: us or send any links. 
Thanks again for all you do for your fellow musicians.
In solidarity, 
Fair Trade Music PDX.

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