Local Missions

Schmoozing & Schwag
in Meatspace!

Mass electronic communications are getting less and less valuable as actual face to face contact becomes increasingly rare!

So, don some schwag!  You can get real physical stickers, buttons, and brochures at Rhyhtm TradersFive Star GuitarsSick String Guitar repair /Portland Custom Shop, or Local 99 on 20th & Sandy.  Feel them. Touch them. Smell them. 

Put a sticker on your instrument case. Wear a button. Tell your musician friends about Fair Trade Music, give 'em some schwag, and encourage them to give us a call. 

Local projects

Email volunteer (at) fairtrademusicpdx.org if you'd like to take part in any of our current local projects:

Participating in our Steering Committee
Tabling at music events

Contacting retail businesses for our supporter network
Contacting musicians for outreach and participation in our PSA projects
Writing and producing said PSA's, press releases, blog entries, forums, etc
Finding a great fit between the Campaign and your skillset and desires 


Lastly, consider becoming a member of the largest and oldest musicians advocacy organization -the Musicians' Union.

They've been been fighting for better wages and working conditions for musicians for over 100 years. 

Sure, there are benefits like free contract enforcement, good, cheap instrument insurance,  access to a rehearsal hall, discounts (15% off at&t?!)  and networking/learning opportunities galore, etc. etc, but there is also a lot to be said for the intangibles like sage advice and networking opportunities from your fellow members, not to mention supporting something you believe in.  

When it comes down to it, Our campaign wouldn't be possible without the support of concerned musicians like you.  
It's your union -- why not participate? 

However you decide to pitch in, please don't hesitate to share it with us -- and the world.  You are helping defend the future of professional live music. Thank you! 

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