What are the minimum Fair Trade Music rates?

In Portland, we feel like publishing MINIMUM rates makes them look like flat fees, which weakens musicians' negotiating power.  
Other locals or Fair Trade Music chapters,  like AFM Local 1000, do publish their rates.   

In Portland, there are two options for figuring rates; the choice has to be agreed upon by venue and band before the date of the show.  

Option A: flat rate for venues that have cover below $3, or none.  

It's a five-tiered system based on capacity and liquor license. 
Higher tiers have higher rates. 
There's a minimum fee for the first hour, per musician, 
and a smaller amount for each additional hour. 

Option B: for venues that charge cover over $3

Minimum of $3 cover, set mutually between band and house.
Band is guaranteed minimum wage per musician, for each hour on stage plus one hour for setup, teardown, and travel, 


100% of the door. Minimum wage is $8.95 an hour in Oregon right now. 
No deductions for house costs like advertising, sound, door, lights, etc. 

Every venue is different, so there are usually a few minor tweaks as well. 

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