Fair Play

Billboard Magazine printed an article on the Fair Trade Music campaign in the Jan. 30 edition of the magazine.

It can be viewed online at

Unfortunately, there is an error in the article we would like to correct. In the article, AFM Local 99 President Bruce Fife is incorrectly quoted as saying.

"Some clubs can take out fees of up to $100 before the band even sees a nickel."

The reality is, that number is actually an order of magnitude higher at $1,000. This money is deducted from ticket sales or cover charges to ensure the wages of employees hired by these venues, advertising costs, hospitality (more on that later) and the ever mysterious "house fee".

McMenamin's booker Jimi Biron is also interviewed in the article and his comment on the benefits he sees from Fair Trade Music hit the nail on the head.

"I like it from a competitive stance," he says. "It will help us be able to recruit and book top local talent, because they'll know we pay fairly."

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