I'm kinda busy, but I want to help. How can I take action?

Many of the musicains involved in this have several part time jobs in addition to rehearsing, promoting, and performing.  

So, we've structured our missions such that people can take on as much or as little as they can while maintaining balance in their lives.  

No task is too small: everything helps.  for example, any of the following take five minutes or less:  

  • Endorse Fair Trade Music, and encourage your friends, fans, and fellow musicains to do the same. 
    Send them a short message  telling them about the campaign and why you are endorsing it. Include a link, natch.
  • Take our Fan Pledge, and forward it to those same folks (maybe a few weeks later.)  
  • Like/Share the twice-daily posts on our facebook page, maybe a couple a week that you resonate with
  • Put our brochures/stickers/buttons on the merch table at your shows (come by Local 99 to pick some up, or we'll send you some) 

These are but little drops. Many drops make rain, rain makes rivers, and rivers carve the earth.  

All we ask is that you start with one of these - five minutes -  a week. 

As always, feel free to CC: us and/or share.

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