Speed Missions

These tasty, tiny morsels of activism
aren't full-course meals, but they are easy enough to snatch up off a passing waiter's lofty plate. 
So, go on, tie a nibble on; most of them take well under five minutes (some under one!), but don't forget to save room for dessert! 


Via the small, yellow button below. 
Everything helps, and it's probably the fastest thing you can do to help the campaign.


Help spread the word to your fans and fellow musicians: fill out the form, then forward to your musician friends. 

Forward our web page, or any of our articles, to your musician friends. 

Perhaps the most important of these is the Four Things
Feel free to include a short message about why you support this campaign. 
Email, or share on social media; both work fine. 

Ask your friends, fans, and fellow musicians these questions. 

Drop 'em into a conversation, or post them on social media. 

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Club Ping

Next time you're out at a club watching your favorite musicians perform (which, we hope, is very soon), ask them if they're a Fair Trade Music venue. Tell them you'd be more likely to patronize a venue if it was Fair Trade Music. 
Calling works, although it's much more effective in person, especially with a drink in your hand and a nice tip on the bar.  

Participate in our Social Media   

Quick, before they change it again!!  We'd be just tickled if you would: 
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However you decide to pitch in, please don't hesitate to share it with us -- and the world.  You are helping defend the future of professional live music.Thank you! 
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