What are the minimum Fair Trade Music rates?

Every chapter will be different, but the FTM international chapter guidelines say, basically,

that the venues have to sign an agreement saying they'll pay no less than local minimum wage
and that the agreement is created with input from local, diverse, union and nonunion club musicians, working in a variety of genres.  (cont'd...)

Is this just for union members? Am I gonna have to join the union?

Short version: No and no. Although Fair Trade Music is sponsored by Local 99 and the American Federation of Musicians (AFM,) the musicians’ union, membership is not a requirement, either to participate or to benefit. So, the AFM is providing infrastructure and context to the campaign for the benefit of all musicians. It’s part of their mission, and we’re all in the same bathtub!

I agree with and support your efforts to make a positive change in the music scene. Will you let me know when you’re done?

Glad you’re ready to pay lip service. A small group of people can accomplish a great deal, but since it took thirty years for musicians to let this slide this far downhill,the question is: do you want this to happen during your lifetime? It’s easy to complain, especially when it’s plain to see the current system is flawed. If you truly support this, step up and walk the talk. Contact info@fairtrademusicpdx.org, or see our ‘get involved’ link, above.   

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